Autumn Rate Randomiser II

the final incarnation of the autumn rate randomiser



projection room

There is a place in the film where the hedgehog comes to a halt, unwilling? unable? hesitant? disinclined? to decide. There, options appear inside a room full of projections.
For this we animated all the projections and did a two screens’ edit of them. After that we created a small real room to project on, recorded the projected film and then added the hedgehog and other details, like the door afterwards digitally drawing on top of the resulting recorded room.

Two screens’ edit
Perspective test
Final room

dreaming and storytelling

There is this theory about why do we dream that says how during REM sleep random parts of our brain become active and our brain trying to make sense of all of that different imagens and sensations somehow manages to integrate everything in the dream narrative.
We wanted to do something similar with our dream story. So for a start we took some spaces, actions, details and started creating our story without storyboards and without knowing where the story was going and just started making connections along the way.

PS: in case anyone would like to know more about it the dream theory I mentioned is called The activation-synthesis model of dreaming and was first proposed by J. Allan Hobson and Robert McClarley in 1977.

Ducks and rocks

This part is made with collage in mind. The character, an extremely wise duck, is a cut-out made of paper parts coloured with felt-tips and animated under the camera on a greenscreen, so we will be able later to isolate the duck.  Backgrounds are a mix of painted papers, magazine cut-outs and prints. Then is just a matter of being patient and composite all together digitally…

Duck puppet design
Green screen
Duck puppet and collage composition
Early background design


At the door

For this part we are animating pretty much straight ahead with ink, coloured pencils and paper, hoping that the result would be free-flowing.

As we wanted it to be dark we first did some test to see which colours would look better when inverted.


And here is a short sneak peak of the final look



Backgrounds I

Lately we have been busy working on some backgrounds. Usually we do first some rough designs on paper, scan them and test out if the space will work with characters and things that would be animated on top. Then, we draw maybe with ink and make textures with pencils, inks, acrylics, photographs…scan everything and try to compose all together digitally until it looks somehow as we think it should. A long fun process of trial and error.

Rough sketch
Pencil texture
Colours and textures
Lighting test

Autumn Rate Randomiser

I (Elisa) have been trying to log my dreams for several years. I keep a notebook by the bed and  push myself to write down dreams, or at least what I recall of them

I have reached a point that I am usually able to write things down without completely being awake, although sometimes I have tricked myself to believe that I am writing things down but it is just a dream…

Sometimes the next morning I cannot make any sense of what it is written. Sometimes it makes me laugh out loud while trying to decipher it. Sometimes it sounds like a very clever concept that you are not able to fully grasp…

So, although probably more rationalized than the original dreams, the bits I find at the notebook are quite an insight into dream logic and a goldmine of peculiar details and mysterious plots.

And here is one of those real dream details that it is going to make it into the film: The autumn rate randomiser